Adding picture to menu

Greetings everyone,

We’ve been developing our site with Moesia theme and must admit we are very satisfied with it, but we had a little problem we wanted to solve.

Due to nature of our site we wanted to add a picture to our menu bar, but no matter what we attempted so far we couldn’t make picture bigger than menu buttons without it transforming and similar.

How can be add a 200x200 picture to the menu bar?

Thankful in advance.


Not really sure I understand, can’t you add the picture as a logo? Or you want it somewhere else?

Yes that solved the problem just fine according to my superiors, thanks.

One other question if I may. I am having problem changing text title font size. I tried changing h1-6 and body fonts, and even tried searching for .widget-title font size, but no luck.

Can you assist me with that one too?

You’re trying to change the titles for the widgets? If so, go to style.css search for 56px !important and remove the !important part. It will be removed in the next theme version too.

Thank you very much Vlad, you have been very helpful. I have just three more questions and then I think I am ready to wrap up the site up.

  1. I’ve been asked to make header image (the red bordered image: different for each page. So I need header1 for page 1, header 2 for page 2, etc. How can I accomplish this?

  2. I would like to know if it is possible to remove the space in the next image (bordered red: to make site less space wasteful.

  3. Is there a possibility to adjust the pages to autoscroll down after certain amount of time?

THanks in advance.

  2. You can adjust the 80px value per your needs:

.panel.widget {
   padding: 80px 30px;

  1. Nope.

Thank you very much Vlad for quick reply.

I managed to solve the second question, but I don’t seem to have option for individual headers. Do I need to turn something off or do something special to get that option?

Have you imported the settings xml file?

I tried downloading xml file on the page you linked me before, but I keep getting the error “Sorry, there has been an error.
This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”

Fixed the problem with xml file and I got my option for individual headers now, but now I have a different question about it. What size of the picture should I make to optimally place it?

Only thing I changed about masthead was height (made it 500px), but I didn’t touch width.

Really depends of the type of image and what you’re trying to show in it. Since you limited the header to 500px, only the first part of the image will be displayed. You should have a minimum width of 1366px for the image.