Adding photos to the portfolo section


First off, thanks for all the excellent information on this theme. I’ve gotten a lot from this forum and I appreciate it.

I’m trying to ad photos to the portfolio section, but can’t seem to find a way to do it.

I read this at the top of the page…

“Please check our documentation here

In order to display projects, you have to install portfolio plugin (available from documentation page), and also be sure to check instructions for Creating projects – also from documentation page.”

However, either I am missing something or there is not portfolio plugin on that page, nor anything marked as “instructions for Creating projects”, so I am a little confused.

Is this a particular portfolio pluggin or is just generically, “you need a portfolio plugin”.
Please let me know.

And beyond that what do you do with the portfolio plug in, once it is installed? Please help. Thanks…

Hello @taomation,

That plugin is removed from documentation page because now Sydney theme includes Sydney FP: Portfolio widget that was designed to be simpler than plugin and its shortcodes.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

The question is still the same. How do I put photos in the portfolio section? Everything else in this theme is pretty easy for a novice to understand. This just seems slightly more complicated.

If I open the Sydney Porfolio Section I get a screen, but there is nothing that indicates what I’m supposed to do with it. Are there short codes that are generated somewhere else that you’re supposed put in there someplace?

Please explain in a way that a novice can understand. Thanks…Ian

Never mind. I finally figured it out. Finally I found a video that showed it. Thanks…

Great, you are welcome @taomation!

Kind Regards, Roman.