Adding Pagination on a page that is not a post/blog page

I am trying to add pagination on a page I created that list all my products via the woocommerce shortcode. To do this, I installed wp-pagenavi. I got it to work beautifully on my post/blog page following the tutorial described in this forum. However, pagination does not seem to appear in my other pages.

How do I get it to appear on a particular(specific) page.

Here is the link to my site:


I found this tutorials

Hope it help.


Thanks Awan,

I have come across that link and have tried the tutorial. I have also successfully implemented the modifications as described. However, the changes only appears on default navigation pages like post or blogs. What I am hoping to do is add pagination on a page that does not have a default navigation … like maybe a custom page. Any ideas ?

Oh I see… You want to add a pagination to the blog post? Have you try this tutorials ?