Adding News Ticker to header - ticker links not working

I am using plugin Ditty News Ticker. I added it to the header.php file to position between the masthead and image slider. It is working but with 2 exceptions: 1) the links do not work (they are defined correctly, appear in source code view); and 2) cannot change the text color.

CSS and header.php are in a child theme. The code inserted in header is:
$atts = array(
‘scroll_direction’ => ‘left’, ‘scroll_speed’ => 6, ‘scroll_tick_spacing’ => 35
if(function_exists(‘ditty_news_ticker’)){ditty_news_ticker(1036, ‘ticker1, ticker2’, $atts);}

I deactivated all plugins to troubleshoot. Made no difference.

Ticker is on page:
What is preventing links from working? How can I change color of link text?

Hello there,

Try to move your code before header#masthead closing tag. Currently you put your news ticker code after this line.

</header><!-- #masthead -->

What will happen if you move it before.

<!-- Your code goes here -->
</header><!-- #masthead -->