Adding logo removes site title & tagline


Is there a way to control this behavior? I would like to have the logo and the site name/tag line shown.


I looked in to header.php and found some if blocks in there that probably controls this behavior. I’ve also found a similar post to do this in the Heiro theme. Trying to get this to work for few days now.

Please help.

If you’re using the latest version of the theme, see the functions.php file for moesia_nav_bar(). It’s pluggable so you can overwrite it from a child theme however you want. All you want to do for this is to remoe the else : line that you’ll see in the site-branding div.

Thank you so much! That worked great. Only one problem, the title and tag are showing below the logo. How to fix this? I am guessing style.css need to be modified.

I think I got it. Added float: left; to class site-logo in style.css and now the title and tag are showing beside the logo on its right.

You can also reverse them in that function I pointed out.