Adding License?

I am new to this whole wordpress baroquitude so this may be an obvious question. But…

It says that I can add my license key for Sydney Pro by doing an incantation with a menu that no longer appears in Wordpress.

I have a license key. How do I install it without having to wade through 10,000 pages of obsolete documentation about how to install keys on old versions of Wordpress? (hint: it’d be nice if the documentation told us how to do this)


Not sure I understand exactly where you’re stuck.
There’s a notice when you activate the theme that 1) tells you where to get the key from, 2) tells you where to add it. Not much documentation is needed for this and I’m not sure to what obsolete documentation you’re referring to.
Anyway, the place to add your license is under Appearance in your admin area. Is it not there in your case?

I didn’t realize I need to install a new version of the theme; I thought I was supposed to somehow install the key and it’d unlock features in the existing theme. I see what I had wrong, now.

Thank you.

Ah, okay. Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

Hey it’d be a lot easier to upload the theme if it didn’t have a 500K ultra high rez “screenshot.PNG” file in the example load - I replaced that with a blob of grey and it took the file size down to 1.5M. You could make installation of your stuff a little more convenient if you practiced some basic data hygiene.

Hi There,
I just purchased Sydney Pro and have the “license key” but I cannot find where I am supposed to put this information in order to install the new Sydney Pro version. Please help.