Adding image on home page creates a blank WordPress Page in admin

This is driving me nuts… I’ve got images on my landing page. I see in Admin under ‘Pages’ that the ALT descriptions of these images have been used as a page name. When I click on the page, there is nothing there. What is going on here?! I imported West theme yesterday and started using it as my primary. This weird thing keeps happening as of today. Any ideas?

Hello there,

To find out what’s causing this, install and activate this plugin, and see what’s PHP error logs is saying.


Hi Kharis!

I installed the plugin but received a message about adding a file to database folder. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to do what it is asking. Interestingly though, I logged into WP today and the image pages were NOT there! Weird. However, as I was editing in Live Composer, I noticed one page appeared again. I wonder if it’s a plugin interfering.

Try this plugin which do the same task.

> I wonder if it’s a plugin interfering.

To verify, deactivate all other plugins at once. Then recreate your page and see if the issue persist.


Hello, I have not seen this problem present itself in the last 5 days so I’m going to flag this thread as resolved and see how it goes. Thanks!