Adding image for main post page


New to wordpress and just installed the Hiero theme. Site below.
How to I add an image on the main launch page for each post? You can see I don’t have any for the current 2 posts


Hi glamptey99,

You can have the featured images in the main post/page by enabling the feature in the customize.

Go to Appearance >> Customize

then check the first two checkbox for enabling featured image in post and page and save.

Now you will see the images in the concerened main post/page.

Check this link for better understanding:

Hope it helps!!


Thanks. I’d worked it out
Many thanks for getting back to me and I hope to progress with the Theme

You are welcome. Glad it helped :slight_smile:

on my blog i did what you described checked first two checkbox but images still not showing up on home page

Hi E

can you confirm if you have added featured images to the posts?


I have added them as thumbnails and just images in the middle of posts

allright i just used the feature image option but it gives an error when uploading an image and when choosing the option choose image from post it just keeps loading and not picking up anything

what error do you get?

I have the same problem, I clicked both and they still don’t show the images.