Adding Gallery

Hi all,
I am not sure if I am not seeing the wood for the trees, but inserting a gallery to my frontpage has got me stumped. I also cannot seem to find the “our works” template, which I thought looked really good and could have been used as a gallery I had hoped.
I installed Envira & tried with Huge IT but no luck. I inserted the Envira shortcode into a text row but the obvious happened… I have the shortcode displayed in the section on the frontpage.
I am a WP beginner - I managed until now but I am majorly stuck with this :wink:
Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks a lot!

Hi Nathalie,

The “Our works” is using portfolio widgets, have you try to use it? You can check the tutorial here


Thanks for offering advice, Awan… but still, I am stuck.How do I install the portfolio plugin or paste the shortcode? I am completely confused by the tutorial section. I read about adding shortcode to text row to be able to create a gallery- as I mentioned I have Envira installed as well but I don’t understand how to create a (ideally) masonry gallery row on my frontpage. I think I’ve been trying to solve this for too many hours so I can’t think of the solution. Can you help?


Please make sure that you install the portfolio plugin from this page

The portfolio widget are using featured image when displaying the thumbnail image, so when you create a portfolio item, you have to upload a featured image also.

Then to display the portfolio widget to the front page, you can use Text widget to put the portfolio shortcode.

Let me know how it goes.