Adding Extra Information to Contact Header

With the variable for the custom text is there a way to link it to a file where I can customise the font weight, color etc? Maybe to read plain text and then stylise it from a CSS file?

Many thanks


var myText = 'Your text goes here'; 

In this variable, you can insert a link, for example:

var myText = 'Your text goes here <a class="my-link-to-file" href="">link to a file</a>';

To style it, you can use this CSS code:

    .my-link-to-file {
      color: #ff000;
      font-size: 24px;

    .my-link-to-file:hover {
      color: #fff00;

To apply extra custom CSS code to your site, add it to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.


Hi kharisblank

Thank you for the reply. Your solution works if I was to insert a link but that’s not what I wanted to do sorry. I don’t think I’ve explained my question properly so I will try to elaborate further. I would like to read the text from the text inside the file itself and insert it into the gap above. The reason why I’m asking to be able to do this is so that I can set everything up and just simply update the text inside the text file using a plain text editor using whatever information I need to include.

Sorry if I’m confused or messed you around at all.

Many thanks


This is exactly what I’m looking for I think? I need to have a link to the contact page on the address.
Where do I find this file?