Adding An Image To Header


I run a Blog here, and want to know if I can add this image.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi Again,

I should have been a little more specific here. I want to add the image as a background for my blog header. I could edit the existing image, with GIMP, to match the header field requirements.

Of course, I may not using the correct terms here to explain what I want to do. LOL!

Thanks again for any support!



Hi, use this custom css for that:

header#masthead {
    background: url('') center center no-repeat;
    padding: 90px 0;

You can use simple custom css plugin for the code above.

Or go to Appearance > Customise > General > Upload your logo and choose desired image. In this way your logo text and description will be removed, so you should edit your picture and write logo text and description over it.


Thank you for that input. As it just so happens, I am working on that image right now for something else. And, I hate image editing. LOL!

THX again!

Best Regards,