Adding a specific feature from Sidney Pro


I’ve built my clients page using your marvelous Sidney theme. Now my client want to add some contact info in the header. I browsed the features in Sidney Pro and found that it’s a option in that version.

The current page is built entirely in Sidney and I’m wondering what would happen if i bought sidney pro, installed the theme and pushed activate. Do i need to configure it all over again and re-do the tweaks i’ve done? Or is there a possibility to get the “header contact info” by just replacing some strings of code once i bought it?



It’s a different theme so all changes from the Customizer must be re-done.
If by tweaks you mean code changes directly in the theme, then those will be lost also. On the other hand, those will be lost anyway on the next update if you haven’t used a child theme or custom CSS plugin.
Here’s how the header contact block looks like if you want to be sure that your client likes it.

Thanks for the reply Vlad. It was just as they wanted it and I figured those changes would be lost if i changed the theme, but i wasn’t 100% sure so i had to check.

I solved it by doing some basic code directly into the header instead (and that way mimic sidney pro with links to font-awesome) but i will definitely buy Sidney Pro and use it once again soon.

Thanks for great support!

Happy to help. Feel free to rate the theme if you enjoy it: :slight_smile: