Adding a print function with nice print output formatting

Hi community,

I’m trying to find (unsuccessfully so far) a decent print function or plugin that would allow me to do some nice printing, with a formatting that resembles what one can see on the screen, minus menus and links. Also nice would be to generate a nicely formatted PDF instead of print page. I’m using Safari on my MacBook, and neither the regular print function nor the Print-Friendly browser plugin do the job. Any hints and leads and suggestions are welcome.


Hello Peter,

To get good print design output, we have to write additional CSS code. To include a CSS file in a theme, you can use the wp_enqueue_style function. Check this example. Use a child theme to safely add that function.


This option is not part of a theme’s feature. As far as I know, this is already available in the web browser’s print menu.


Thanks Kharis,
tried that. Didn’t work out well. The key words are “nicely formatted”.

Hi Kharis,

hmm. I’m not a programmer. I know how to write basic html code from my first days 25 years ago when I wrote html with notepad. I’m not qualified to write css code.