Adding A Header Logo (Image)

Can an image (Logo) be easily inserted in this theme (Perth) in place of the title on top of the header image?

A logo can be inserted but it replaces the site title in the menu bar, not the header text. If that’s what you’re asking.

Hey Vlad. Great Theme. No… I want a Logo in the header text above the call to action buttons and on top of the header image like in a lot of your other themes. Thanks for your help.


Nope, there isn’t an option for that. I think we have that just in Moesia due to popular demand.
You could create a child theme, copy the header.php file in it and then simply add a element. Though the best place to do it would be directly in the perth_header_text()function, unfortunately I haven’t made it pluggable (I will) so it can’t be overwritten at the moment.

I prefer your coding over mine. It is so much better. Is this available in the pro version Vlad? If not, do you know when you will have it available (Pluggable)? Thanks for all you do Vlad. I appreciate your clean designs and so do my customers.

It’s not available in the pro version either. However, the pro version allows Crelly Slider to be used in the header instead of the image, and Crelly lets you add images on top of the main slide image.
Can’t really say when the next version will be available. There’s no plan so it will happen when I gather a few things that need changing.

Thank you Vlad. The Ability to add a logo in place of text would be great. Until then, the font my client chose is only available in plain and not bold. It is still hard to read on top of the busy background he chose. Is there some magic custom CSS to make it bolder or maybe a solid or semitransparent background behind welcome area text to help it to be more readable? Thanks for all of your help (Awan too) on this an all other themes.

You can’t make it any bolder than this, but you can add a background like this:

.header-text {
    display: table;
    margin: 0 auto;
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);
    padding: 30px;

Change 0.5 if you need to alter the opacity.

Works Perfect (as always). I will add this to my list of codes and try to remember it next time. Your themes work really well with Real Estate. I guess I am going to have to buy in on a lifetime membership with you on my next sale. No one else is out there doing clean design like you that works well with IDX and beginners alike.

Thank you Vlad. Jeff (Moesha)