Adding a button to video header on West Pro

I have added a new video header to West Pro on our website

I would like to add the buttons which are available if I use the photo header. How can I do this?




It’s not possible at the moment through the options, but you can add the following code in this plugin to achieve the result:

jQuery(function($) {

	var link1 = '';
	var link2 = '';
	var text1 = 'Click me';
	var text2 = 'Click me';
	//No need to edit below
	$('.video-container').append('<div class="header-info"><div class="header-info-inner"><div class="header-buttons"><a class="button header-button left-button" href="' + link1 + '">' + text1 + '</a><a class="button header-button right-button" href="' + link2 + '">' + text2 + '</a></div></div></div>');


You just need to add your links and button texts between the ticks.

It seems to work.

How can I move the buttons lower though?

You can add this in Customize > Additional CSS:

.header-info {
    top: auto;
    bottom: 20%;