Added Child Theme

Hi there,
I added a the sydney child theme but would like to modify the footer.php. In the child theme there is only the style.css and the functions.php. What do I do if I want to paste in some php into the footer.php?

Do I just paste the footer.php code from the parent theme into the functions.php and modify it there or can you tell me how I copy over the footer.php file to the child them to modify?

Thanks sir


if you want to modify the footer.php you just have to copy the complete file from the parent theme into the child theme.
Now you have the footer.php in both themes, but the system will take the footer.php from the child theme. Then you can make your changes in the child themes footee.php file.

Thanks. So is the only way to copy this from the ftp file or can I right click and save the footer.php and then add it to my child theme folder and zip it? I tried the right clicking on the footer.php and for some reason it saves it as theme-functions.php

You have multiple options. You can create a new file in the child theme directory and call it footer.php. Then paste in the whole code from the sydney directory.

Or download the file and upload it to the new child theme directory again.

No need to zip anything.