Add work section from INTRO to moesia pro

Hi, i am using moesia pro for my website and just figured out the revolution slider which is great.
What i really would like to do now, is to include the WORKS section from the INTRO theme in the frontpage of moesia pro, because its exactly what i would need to demonstrate my work. i have tried to import the xml file from intro with types (introv2.xml) but this section doesnt show up in the page builder (widgets) - maybe because i imported the settingsv8.xml before? or is it not compatible with moesia pro?
it would be fantastic if i could manage to include just this section from INTRO (the works section).
Very grateful for your help,


This wouldn’t be really possible at the moment because the Works section is built completely different. It’s not even based on Bootstrap like Moesia is so transferring it from one theme to the other is not an option. Sorry.
And the settings file simply creates custom post types, the widgets are built inside the theme.

ok,thanks - no problem… i ll use something else then