Add to cart Issue Thalia

On a product page, when I click on the “+” and “-” symbols the number change, but when I click on “add to cart” there’s always only one product in the cart added. I looks like the same thing is happening in the demo of the theme. (for example :
Is there someone who will be able to tell me how to fix it please ? This would be highly appreciated.
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We apologise for the inconveniece. This issue has been fixed on the latest edition of Thalia. To update your store to the latest edition please follow the following steps:

  • Visit the link below:

  • Copy the entire code from this file

  • Go to the admin of your Shopify Store

  • Click Online store

  • Click Actions

  • Then click Edit Code

  • In the search box on the left, type in common.js

  • Replace the code which you copied earlier by clicking
    ctrl A
    ctrl V
    or if you are on a mac
    cmd A
    cmd V

  • Click Save

If you aren’t comfortable editing code, leave your store link here and we will send you a collaborator request and fix the issue for you.

Perfect it’s working now, thank you for your help !

One last question please, could you tell me where I can change the text of the pop up “Added to cart Successfully!” please ? I want to change it because it’s a french website.

Thank you for your time.

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