Add title to row

Technically this is more a ‘Page builder’ question. But maybe the theme has an option/widget that I haven’t found yet.

I want to have 2 images next to each other (2 separate widgets) on my front page, but I also want to have the row to have a title. If I give one of the widgets a title, it won’t be centered above both images.

If I create an extra row above the row with the 2 widgets with only one text widget with a title, the top/bottom padding won’t be right. (Out of proportion.) This also seems like a weird solution.

I want to use these images to present two different (logo) packages.

Does anybody know how I can get this to work? It feels like I’m missing something :wink:


Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Yes, you have to create a row for the title and the images. But you’ll see the padding for each row.

Please create it and let me know the URL of your site. I will give you the css code to reduce those padding then :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! I think I figured it out! :slight_smile:

Great! :slight_smile: