Add Title, Subtitle and CTA button to all pages as well

Dear Kharis,
I am trying to add title, subtitle and CTA button to all other pages (just like in the frontpage), but no luck until now. Any ideas?
(I am using “Image” as “Site header type” for “all pages except the front page”, if that matters at all).
Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Try this solution. It’s a bit advanced task to do. I hope you would be able to follow easily.


Kharis hi
Thanks for the quick reply, but there is no link in your post ?

Sorry I hit the reply button too fast. Here’s the link:


Kharis hi,
Thanks for the quick update. However, I don’t want to add a slider to the rest of the pages, I want to keep a single image displayed as is, and add a title, subtitle and cta button on top of that. Is that possible?
Thanks again,

Update: I was able to do that by copying the code from the front page slider to the rest of the pages header using Custom CSS & JS plugin. Added the following code in a JS snippet:

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
  var myHTML = '<div class="slide-inner"><div class="contain animated fadeInRightBig text-slider"><h2 class="maintitle">Title goes here</h2><p class="subtitle">Subtitle goes here</p></div><a href="#primary" class="roll-button button-slider">CTA Button Text goes here</a></div></div>';
  $( '.header-image' ).css('text-align', 'center').append(myHTML);

Now my inner page has a title, subtitle and CTA button over a single image, just like the front page!

Kharis, thanks for the support!