Add Text & Button to Video Header


Hope you are doing great!

I tried to add text and a button to the video header following this thread: Adding text on video header
But I could not get it to work. Tried using three different javascript plugins, deactivated other plugins, used all the different codes, and even tried to add simple text from the CSS customizer, but nothing worked. I also disabled the text slider, and activated it.

Would it be possible for you to check it and see what is wrong?

Currently, this is the code being used which I added using Custom CSS and Javascript plugin:



“use strict”

var mainTitle = ‘Maintitle goes here’;
var subTitle = ‘Subtitle goes here’;
var buttonURL = ‘#’;
var buttonLabel = ‘Click to begin’;

var heroContent = ‘

heroContent += ‘
heroContent += ‘


heroContent += ‘


heroContent += ‘




Hello there,

Viewing the source code of your site and I found the custom jQuery code hasn’t yet been there. Maybe the applied site caching stops it from loading the latest changes you’ve made? Try flushing it and try again, please.


Hello Kharis,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

I disabled the cache plugin, flushed the cache, disabled all other javascript related plugins. When checking the site’s code after that I found this:

When checking the url for the javascript code, the code is ok…

I just don’t see what is overriding this function…