Add Second Author to Entry Header for Blog Posts


I’m not sure if this is possible, but i would like to add another name in the entry header on my blog posts that is editable. My site has multiple authors and photographers. Often the author and photographer are different people and i would like to have them both acknowledged in the Entry Header. The entry header has a man symbol for the author and seems to drag that info from the vcard. I would like to have a camera symbol for the photographer and to manually add in this name each time. I do want the photographer symbol on all blog posts so i would like this as permanent code.

Hope you can help!

example of entry header i’d like changed:

Thanks for your time.


Dear Caleb,

Achieving such that objective isn’t an easy task. You would use this plugin and do PHP coding to display the saved multiple authors. You would do it in sydney_posted_on() function. We can’t provide complete code here as it reaches our support limitation policy. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for your reply. I thought it might be too much.

Have a good day