Add Search form to Header by the menu in Astrid

Hi Roman and friends

I am working on a client site using Astrid - what a great Theme, really love it!

They would prefer the search form in the Header by the menu rather than the footer.

I have tried the plugin “Add search to menu” which looks good but doesn’t actually work!

I have a Child Theme and will edit a copy of the header.php if necessary but unsure exactly what to add and where?

Can you help at all please?

many thanks as always


Hello Bibs,

You can try to use Bop Search Box Item Type For Nav Menus plugin.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi there Roman

That’s fabulous and works a treat - Yay!!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Great! You are welcome Bibs :slight_smile:

And have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.