Add Percentage After Fact Values

I’d like to add the percentage symbol after each of my facts on the FP: Facts widget. I’d use the FP: Skills widget, but the Facts widget just displays much better for what I’m trying to do.

You could add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.facts-area .col-md-3 span::after {
    content: '%';

Worked flawlessly! Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Hello Vlad, I was wondering if you could elaborate on how to add the % base after the number facts. I can’t seem to figure out how to do so. Much appreciated.


Where exactly are you stuck? The above code does exactly this.

I am stuck where I should post the code? Do I need to install another plugin? Thanks for the response, I am still learning this stuff.

Either a plugin, like this one, or a child theme. That’s how customizations are handled in WordPress properly.

I installed a different css editor. I tried to install the simple CSS as you recommended, but it gave me a fail message.

I copied and paste the CSS into the editor but it’s not working.

I have a similar question regarding the numbers in the Facts section. I’d like to have some of the fields represented as dollars with a $ sign and others in the same facts box as plain digits (with a comma separating every third number like this: 123,456,789). I edited my CSS in a variation of what you suggested:
.facts-area .col-md-3 span::before {
content: ‘$’;

However, ALL the numbers then change to $$ instead of just some. Is it possible to have some be $$ and others in the same fact area be regular numbers? MANY MANY thanks if you can help!!

You could do it like this:

.facts-area .col-md-3:nth-of-type(2) span::before,
.facts-area .col-md-3:nth-of-type(4) span::before {
     content: '$';

And you change 2 and 4 to the positions you want from 1-4.

thank you SO much for the quick response (and for creating an AWESOME theme)! I’m still encountering the problem of not having commas display in my facts greater than 3 digits (so it looks like this: 123,456,789). Also, I’ve looked everywhere to try to shrink the font size of the facts because the large numbers are rendering on two lines, but I cannot locate the font size for this field anywhere (even in the fonts sub menu in Customize/Fonts). Here’s my homepage if that helps.

Also, when you scroll down you’ll see in the “digital marketing services” box where I have my 3 fields, there’s a background of paper boats which I’ve been trying to give a parallax effect to, so that this image moves between the header image and the service box (I tried adding the image URL into the background field of the row above it, but it’s not working).

Finally, if you scroll down, I’ve been able to get the Client Experience box onto the front page, and followed the instructions of adding clients, but for whatever reason, they will not display on the homepage. Any insight you have would be amazing.

Thank you SO much Vlad, looking forward to hearing back!

Commas are not an option unfortunately. I’ll have a look if it can be added as an option so that it doesn’t affect people who don’t want it like this.

I don’t understand what you mean. I see a parallax image on the services block. You want to create an empty row above the services with just the image or what exactly?

The client carousel displays featured images, so you need to set them.

Use this for the facts font sizes:

.fact {
   font-size: 20px;

thanks. And yes, wanted an empty row above the services with just the image, nothing else.

Re: client carousel - if I have multiple client logo images, do I set it as a gallery?

Hello, I would like to have percentages behind my facts in the facts widget for Sydney. I tried the same code as above but it doesn’t seem to work for this one… What code should I put in custom css? Thanks a lot for your help!

I would actually also like to know if there is a way to put the value above the text?


Please open a new topic, so we can help you there.

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I actually managed to get the value above the text, just not the percentage behind the values yet. Someone help!?


If the instructions in this topic haven’t worked for you, then please open a new topic, so we can help you there.

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Hi, so I’ve opened a new topic about 4 hours ago and still don’t have a reply whilst here it was pretty quick… anything wrong with topic setup? It’s in Sydney forum and called ‘percentage behind value fact’. thanks


We will reply to you there.

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