Add padding to woocommerce images and realign info


  1. How do I add padding to separate the 3 images below the main product image, I still want to maintain the overall width of all 3.

  2. On the listing you can see “SKU: HHHT-50 Categories: Health Food, Hemp Tea Tags: Hemp, Hemp Tea, Organic, Tea” How do I align these vertically underneath each other and not horizontal?

Many Thanks

Here is a link


Hello Stuart,

Those two objectives can be achieved by adding the following CSS code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS in your site dashboard.

/* Add image thumbnail spaces */
.single-product .images .thumbnails .owl-item {
  padding: 5px;

/* Product mete per lines */
.product_meta span:not(.sku) {
  display: block;


Many thanks!

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You’re welcome!

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