Add Images to Cases on Front Page


In your documentation online the following is stated when talking about the Front Pages sections of Quill:

8.Cases – This is another block that requires you to publish some custom post types. Go to the Cases tab and add a project title, a description and a featured image to show up on the front page. The front page will also display the projects images in a lightbox gallery.

I would like to add images to these cases but can’t seem to get anything to work.

I have added featured images to all 4 cases on my site but none of the images show on the front page (or in the case post)

How do I get these images to show?

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The cases doesn’t seem to have featured images option on homepage, you can see our demo, there is no featured images there.

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I can see your demo doesnt show the featured image but I was wondering if there is a way of doing it as the documentaion for the quill theame suggest there is?

In section 8 front page set up number 8 in the list is the cases section and it suggets using a featured image will mean the featured image will show on the front page.

My front page is configured the same as the demo (minus a few sections)


Really sorry for the trouble, the documentation was wrong regarding featured images for the cases.

Hi Vlad

Thanks for letting me know. Is there a work around for this? some code I can add?