Add Image to Call to Action Block

Is it possible to add an image to the call to action block? I have tried uploading an image and it does not save the upload. I have tried putting an image in the background and it is not showing up. My website is Ideally, I would like to put an image under the button in the call to action block.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, ofcourse it is possible. Go to Pages > Front Page, hover over Moesia FP: Call to action > Edit and on popup window upload or choose an image from media library. It’s working 100% :slight_smile: . Refresh page couple of times if it’s not showing immediately.

Background image consumes whole block and cannot be positioned in that manner:

under the button in the call to action block

Thank you for the information. I have done this several times and the image isn’t showing up. After updating the page, when I go back into the edit screen the image isn’t there anymore. It seems like the image isn’t being saved and I don’t understand what I could be doing wrong.

Thank you again.


After Done you clicked on Update, right? Sorry for insisting on simple things. :slight_smile:

If that didn’t work…

Try this route. Go to Media > Library click on desired image and copy URL field. Next, go to your Front Page and click wrench icon > Edit row above Moesia FP: Call to action, on popup screen go to Theme and paste url in field for Background Image.

I appreciate you insisting on the simple things. I completely understand. At this point, I am very frustrated and not sure what to do. Every change I made inside the block was saving. I tried changing the font color, the wording, and the links and nothing saved. I thought maybe if I deleted the block and put it back that would solve the problem and I just made myself a bigger problem. When I added back in the block it will not save anything either so now I have a blank space where the information should be. I have not had this problem with your theme before so it is very confusing. I really appreciate any help you may have.

Sorry. The changes weren’t saving.

Everything should be find with theme. You should:

  1. try to disable your plugins
  2. try loading some other theme
  3. from cpanel check you wordpress database and try to repair it (backup db before that please)

Thank you for all the help. I have deactivated, reactivated, upgraded, deleted, reinstalled, and every other option and at some point, it all started to work. I appreciate your help throughout the day.

I am attempting to post two different call to action blocks on my homepage, but it’s forcing me to use the same image for each block. Can you help? Thanks! website is



Your CTA blocks are showing different images, have you managed to resolve this problem in the meantime?

Best Regards