Add Favicon


Thank you Vlad for fast reply.
Can you please tell me how to add favicon…??


and if .ico is compulsary or i can add .png or .jpg.??


Actually, .ico isn’t working because the Wordpress uploader we’re using doesn’t allow it. So you need to use a .png and you can find it in Customize > General tab.


Hi Vlad.

I am also trying to change my favicon.
When I go to Customize/ Generel, there is no place to change it though.



Hi Maj,

In wp-admin / Appearance / Customise / General the second option is to upload a Favicon - “Upload your favicon” the first one is to upload your Logo, below it you can upload your favicon, this option is missing for you? Are you using Quill Theme?

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Hi Csaba.

I am using the Sydney theme. When I go to Appearance / Customise / General it only shows ‘Page wrapper - top padding’ and ‘Page wrapper - bottom padding’.

No upload of logo.
No uoload of favicon.




For Sydney you can add a Favicon in Customise / Site title/tagline/logo / Site Icon.

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Great Csaba! It works perfectly :smiley:

Thank you very much,



Great! You’re most welcome! If you need help with anything else, please, feel free to open a new topic.

Have a nice day!

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I was reading this post to find an answer to the question above.

I am using Sydney Theme and your solution (@Csaba) worked well for me too!

At least this is so for desktop browsers. My android phone and Apple iPad do not use the favicon.

Any ideas?

I know there are some great plugins out there to do the job. However, they dont really work. I guess it depends on the theme one uses.

Thanks for helping me out here.



Hi @falux,

The mobile devices may not use the favicon as app icons or as icons in their browsers as it is, so maybe try to upload a 128x128px favicon, so that may work.

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