Add CTA on homeslider

Hi guys, nice work with this theme. I just started with WP and CSS, so can you help me out?

  1. How can we add a call to action button on the homepage? We need more the one.

  2. How can we keep the top bar open on every page also the home, the one which shows up when u scroll down open? Now, it’s only showing when you scroll down. We want the top bar always visible (if you enter the homepage and not when you scroll down).


did you mean need more CTA button in header slider? currently, this theme is only has one cta button in the header slider. If you want to add more button, you can request an advance customization to codeable instead.

Then to keep the background color displayed for the top bar, you can add these css code below:

.site-header {
    background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.9);

put the code using custom css plugin

Hi Hich,

I used the client modul to add three CTA-Buttons to my site. Those are below the header section, but for the header slider I haven´t a solution found as the possibility to use codable.


You can get more CTA buttons with a plugin like SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle (on the page, not in slider).