Add client logo's

How do I add my client logo’s?

You create clients, set featured images for them, add the Clients widget to your front page.
Can’t help much if you don’t describe your problem a bit, like what you’ve done, where you’re stuck etc.

where do you create the client exactly, as a post or a page?

See the third video from the documentation page please. It shows how to create custom posts like services, employees, clients etc. It’s the same thing for all of them.

I don’t seem to have the employer, testimonial, clients or project on the menu?
do I have to load extras?

Yes. See the Quick Start Guide chapter from the documentation please.

Thanks for that all up and running, how can I re-order the client logo’s?
is it time of creating (thats the order they are in now) I need them in an order of preference.

You can change the published date or if it’s easier you can use this plugin.