Add a row above in header

I want to add a row / div in the header above masthead if that is the right place to put it. I want to add corporate branding images there including contact details which will be sticky and visible when the user scrolls. The logo is too small. We’d like it a lot bigger and we want to be able to have the contact telephone number next to it, nice and large too.
Is that possible with Sydney? If not, is there a recommended way to have CI persistent?

Hi, if its about to add new top bar in your site, maybe you can try to install top bar plugin like foobar or notification bar :slight_smile:

Thank you Awan. That’s a nice plug in but not quite what I need. I need to be able to apply corporate identity assets to the pages, preferably above the slider / images / menu system. The Sydney theme is beautiful, but when I look at our site developed on it, I cant see our brand. Just having a logo overlay-ed on a slider or a title and subtitle doesn’t make it instantly recognizable as a site that belongs to us. Providing easy to find telephone number is also very hard unless I can add a row above the slider / header images.
I have tried creating a child theme and adding a row in the header.php, but it seems to ‘share’ the same space as the rest of the objects in the ‘container’ div. That is it doesn’t make them move down, and just overlays them a row down over the slider for example. I want to move the whole slide / header images section down by a certain amount so that I can use that for CI and contact number details.
I’m hoping this is possible without having to abandon Sydney, because the theme itself is great for what we need.

I see, but I don’t have capacity to help you further on customizing the existing theme. Please contact Codeable for full support :slight_smile: