Add a new Menu below the slider

my site is

I want to add a new menu Just Below the slider. I am able to add the new menu but unable to manage its location. I want that new menu just below the slider.
Plz, reply fast. It’s kinda important

I hope you got that i want to add one more location for menu just below the slider

Hi there,

I am sorry for late reply.
There is no option to add another menu location to the theme, maybe you want to try our another theme: Moesia. Moesia theme has those option.

If you want to keep using current theme, you might need to edit the existing code which is not our support policies. You can hire WP developer to help you in or

Also, I noticed that you are using Sydney theme, not Intro theme. So if you have another issue, please feel free to create new thread in Sydney forum instead.