Add a link in footer and a language selection ndxt to logo

first of all I am very very happy with the Sydney theme and your outstanding support! Thanks so much!

1.On my site I would like to add a link to the imprint in the footer
I have already created the player in the footer with your help (Css Code)
How can I place a link right from the music player in the footer?
2. How can I place a language selection (English - Deutsch -Francais) next to the top logo on the left top side?

Many thanks

Hello Jens,

  1. Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots in order to illustrate what exactly you want to achieve? You can upload screenshots to your WordPress Media Library and share a link, or you can use one of the online services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

  2. Do you use some translation plugin?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman

ok hope this will make it crystal clear:

  1. I do not want to use a translation plugin.Done it in the past, its a noghtmare and I hate it
    I will have 3 wordpress installations
    One in the root, german in de folder and french in fr folder

Thats why I want to place language links next to the logo : Here i illustrate it quick and dirty

2.And i need to know how to place a link in the footer . like here

hope its clear now
tks jens

Hello Jens,

It looks like these issues require header and footer PHP template coding, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

Kind Regards, Roman.