Add a Button


Is there a way to just add a button as a widget onto a widgetized page? I’ve tried to get round this using a projects template and taking out the project but the spacing is all wrong however I adjust it. I basically want a button under a ‘TEXT’ widget - if possible?

Also, I know its been posted before but the Styling option is still really glitchy in that it whizzes up and down when trying to edit! Ive waied for it to load for 20 seconds at a time and tried various browsers, cleared cache, etc…



You can simply add a regular text widget and add HTML in it like this:

<a href="" class="button">CLICK HERE</a>

As I mentioned before, I can see this only if I click really fast. Will try to figure something out though it’s hard without seeing the issue.

How can I center align the button using this workaround?
Tried it with class=“center” and html align=“center”, but that must be wrong as it did not work :wink:

Something like this should work:
<a style="diplay:table;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;" href="" class="button">CLICK HERE</a>

Thank you.

Code correction

<a style="display:table;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;" href="" class="button">CLICK HERE</a>

there was a “s” missing in display.

I have 8 text widgets, all 1/2 width. How can I have a button under each? (2 per row, centered under each text widget)

nevermind, I figured it out, feel free to delete both of these comments.