Activating Perth Pro


I have activating Perth Pro but it does not seem be the same as the demo Perth Pro site.

I have followed all instructions on the quick start guide perth page.

I have read similar Topics on this forum none of which can solve this issue.

My site looks like this at the moment

Also, in the front -end section on Toolset this message comes up on all of the post types:

Your theme’s template file for displaying Case items is missing custom fields.

I have watched the “Learn About Creating Templates with Toolset” video but I do not have the same fucntion as what is shown on the video.

How can I solve this?

Thank you!


  1. Please try to use Front Page template instead of Default Template for your home page.

  2. Regarding Toolset warnings, please check this topic:
    Your theme’s template file for displaying Client items is missing custom fields

Kind Regards, Roman.