Activating Moesia Pro Failed


I tried the Moesia, and because it is suit for my website so I buy the Moesia Pro (I ask my friend who have PayPal account to purchase it for me) at about 3 days ago.
I’ve successfully upload the theme, but the problem is the Moesia Pro fail to activate. Usually when I go to customize theme, there’ll be preview for my website display but in this case the preview display is just a grey blank display on the right. I tried to modify from the left panel, but the result is just the same.
So, after I saved my changes on the theme I go to my websites and like I predict before, it show nothing.
Can you help me how to fix it? Since I search for similar topic in Moesia Pro but got nothing.
Thank you so much.



Sure, please create a temporary admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll install it for you.



Done, check your email please.


There seems to be something else wrong with your site. Moesia Pro is installed and I was even able to update to the latest version.

The thing is that no theme is working for you so you need to think for a bit if you made any sort of significant changes.


Few hours before installing Moesia Pro, everything is just fine. Is it any problem with the


As I said, the issue is not with the theme. If it was, then simply switching to another theme would fix the problem, which in your case doesn’t. Also, if the free version of Moesia was working fine for you, then there is no reason for the paid version not to work.

My guess is that you might have a database issue. Are you able to go to your cPanel and perform a database repair?


Oh, I got the problem. It is the change when I install Moesia, looks like the database is changed.
I made a new subdomain for my website, and the theme just working fine.
Thanks for your help anyway.


Great. I’m glad you managed to resolve your issue.