Activate Parallax Effect

Sry, it’s me again. But i can’t find the option to activate the parallax effect for images behind the different sections. How can i make some fancy parallax-effects?

Thx 4 helping.

Parallax is automatically on. I asked for a link to your website in your other thread, I’ll have a look at this too to see if something is wrong.

maybe. the normal parallax works, but you have some parts in your demo, where the background-image is moving. is that an anim-gif and not an moesia-feature?

You mean on the second row from the Moesia Pro demo site? The call to action section with the green background and the button? That’s a video :slight_smile: You can use one for the built-in widgets.

yeah i mean all the pix which move in another direction as the scrolling. i think that’s allwas an gif or your built-in widget.

i will test it. thx 4 your patience …

Is it possible to deactivate the Parallex please

sorry I should have started another thread. I will do that now