Action Buttons

Hi aThemes - Quill is fantastic!

I’m trying to set up the Action Buttons as seen at the top of the dummy site, and I’d like them to skip down the page to a section at the bottom.

I can see the fields in Customize > Slider for them, but I’m not sure of the syntax to actually have them skip down to a given section.

Is there any documentation I’ve missed?

EDIT: Also, is there a way for the action button to contain arbitrary html? I’m thinking of making one function as a click-to-call button, i.e:

<a href="tel:+1800229933">Call us free!</a>

Thanks in advance.


You need to add the Id of the section you’re targeting. #sectionID. This isn’t in the documentation because it’s not specific to Quill :slight_smile:

Thanks Vlad. How do I find what the section ID of a given section is?