Accordion-thingy on your Demo

Hi Guys
Thanks again for agreat and beautiful theme.I’m using Rocked Pro!

Question: How do I get that great looking accordion-thingy-fould-out that you guys have on your demo site?

Which widget is it? I’ve tried them all (I think)…

Hope you can help.
Best regards - Maria!


It’s not a widget, we just have a bit of JS that works with this code:
Copy that code and paste it in a regular text widget. Then add your contents :slight_smile:

Hey Vlad
Thank you so much. Totally awesome.
Why don’t you make it into a widget?

Anyway looks great.
Have a nice day - Maria!

Widgets that hold user’s content are generally not very much allowed in themes (on And we’re trying to follow the same principle for our paid versions. That’s why we don’t have a widget for it, that’s why we’re using Types to register custom post types :slight_smile: