Accidentally Broke the Projects Widget


I was trying to insert this CSS with a custom CSS plugin in order to remove the magnifying glass from the Project Gallery on the front page of my site:

.pp-icon {
display: none;

But it made the whole Project gallery disappear, and now there’s only a blank row. I tried to delete the CSS, and then the custom CSS plugin, but there’s still just a blank row where the Project gallery should be.

I tried to delete the widget from my front page and then put it back. Still just a blank row.

I tried to re-install the original PHP code for the widget. Still just a blank row.

How do I get the Projects gallery to show back up, and how do I get the images to just display a link instead of the magnifying glass?

Hello there,

Custom css code which you are using will hide magnifying glass, code itself cannot break theme like that. Issue is related with some other modifications or maybe plugin conflict. Standard debug procedure is to disable all 3rd party plugins, to remove modifications from theme files, and lastly to re-install the theme. So please try that. We can also try to inspect this from front end but please share your page link with us.

Css code can be still present if if you are using some caching plugin so also clear caching plugin cache and disable it afterwards.

Regarding image link, your approach is good, just fix the theme first.

Best Regards

Not using a caching plugin.

I tried disabling all plugins, deleting the theme, and then reinstalling the theme. The Projects widget still will not display.

At this point, the only thing I can think to do is restore from an old backup, but I don’t have one that’s recent. I would like to avoid doing this if at all possible.

I keep trying to add a link to the site, but it will not let me post it.

design [.] ncsu [.] edu [/] designlife

Fixed it. I had changed the slug for the Project type to something else, so I had to change it back to the default. Thanks for your assistance!

You’re welcome,

Glad to hear that you have managed to fix this by yourself.