Accessing Admin Area

How to access the Admin Area to start editing Testimonials, etc in SYDNEY PRO. It doesn’t display in the WP navigation dashboard anywhere.
Jack, EB


Sorry for the delay. I assume you have a plugin that’s causing this behavior. Until you figure out what plugin is causing this, you can access it like this:

I can access my WP-ADMIN Dashboard, I don’t know where I import my testimonials to, in order to have them display on the Sydney Testimonial Rotator.

Hello Jack,

Did you import the settings file as described in theme documentation?

You can also watch this video:

Sincerely, Roman.

Thank you so much Roman, I hadn’t read the documentation. Didn’t realize there were more steps involved. Thanks!


You are welcome Jack, I’m glad that you did it :slight_smile:

How do I make the testimonials match the DEMO Testimonial. Check out to see what I’m talking about. I would like it to just have white font without the Dark Gray background of the text. I would also like the background image to fill the screen like it has done with the DEMO. Thanks Roman.


You can import the demo content from demo site to achieve that structure and edit it to match your design. Go to your Dashboard -> Tools -> Import -> WordPress and select the file of demo content.