Above header plugin

Will the Moesia above header plugin work on Talon Pro? Vlad, love your tutorial videos :slight_smile:



No, sorry. Might add an option for that though.
If you have a bit of PHP knowledge you can hook into do_action(‘talon_after_header’) and add the content you want there. I can help if it’s not something too complex.

Cool, I’m glad the videos are useful.

Hi Vlad,

I’m not sure how to hook into what you mentioned. Hope you’re still considering the above/below header and above footer additions like Moesia :slight_smile:

I was just looking to add a few simple links to pages in above header area, “Contact” and “Buy”. Thanks!

Something like this:

function talon_child_above_header() {
     <div class="above-area">
	     <div class="container">
		     <a href="http://yourlink.com">Link</a>
		     <a href="http://yourlink.com">Link</a>
		     <a href="http://yourlink.com">Link</a>
add_action('talon_after_header', 'talon_child_above_header');

It would go into a child theme or in the Code Snippets plugin.