About us section

Hello, Vlad.
I have a probleme with About us section. Would you help me? Here is the screenshot. The right space is empty. Why so? I set the full width in Page Builder.

Leave it to default, the theme is already full width. If it doesn’t work please post a link to your website so I can see.

How can I leave it to default?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that it’s a secondary page. Apply the front page template to it, or at least the full width page. That empty space it there because that’s where your sidebar would show up if you had any widgets set.

Fine! It works, many thanks!

I’m having a similar problem. I want a sidebar. I want every page to resemble the front page and be full - width. I tried to do something with a custom css I found in another thread but I keep getting something about an invalid header.