About us page image and social icon white background


I am wondering how to change the background displayed on the About US Page for both the images and the social icons. My current site is having a white background. https://imgur.com/GDFmMYj White background



You want to make them transparent or what exactly?

Yes transparent would be the best

Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.team-member .info {
   background: transparent;

Thanks that fixed the social backgrounds but is their a way to fix the image background.

You’re sure that background isn’t from your image?

when i edit intro:about us on front page it asks for link to image.
how to provide a link?
even when i provide it some html link it does not display.


Hi, just upload desired image to your media library click on that image and copy URL field (that is link to image).

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Going back to my original issue with the social icons I posted a screenshot of what I am talking about as you can see the white box looks really ugly around the name and info. How would I fix this?


Ugh wrong topic.