About section glitch in Safari

I noticed a glitch in the “About” section of my homepage in Safari 9.1.3 and OSX 10.11.6. No matter how wide the window is, the right-hand section is always positioned below the left-hand section (see screenshot below). I checked the Astrid demo page and it looks okay. So it must be something I’ve done, but I can’t figure it out and it looks okay in Chrome and Firefox. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My site is arossphoto.com. Thanks very much.


Sorry for the delay. This issue has been fixed a while ago, you just need to update as you’re using one of the initial versions atm. You should have a notice to update the theme in the dashboard.

Yikes! I just did the theme upgrade and now my site and wordpress admin are inaccessible (see error message below). I am using a child theme and I thought that would make theme upgrades easier. Please help!

There could be many reasons for this. Did the update complete successfully? Analyzing the logs would pinpoint the issue.
Do you have FTP access?

Thanks for the quick response. I have access via cPanel File Manager.

Okay, can you go to File Manager and in wp-content/themes/astrid change the astrid name to something else? Like /astrid-old. And then try to login to your site again.

Okay. I changed the name from astrid to astrid-old. Now I can login to the admin and the homepage returns this error: The parent theme is missing. Please install the “astrid” parent theme.

Okay, good. What I think might have happened is that the update didn’t complete successfully. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New and install and activate Astrid.

It’s working again… sort of, but I have lost all my formatting on the homepage. :frowning: The astrid parent theme is active now. Will reactivating the child theme restore things to where they were before? Do I need to do anything else before activating the child.

Thanks again for your quick responses.

Nope, you can go ahead and activate the child. Hopefully nothing was lost during this issue.

Tip: As I’ve said, I believe the reason this happened is that the update didn’t finish and the only way that could happened is if you closed the browser tab or navigated to another page while it was working.

I see it broke again so I guess the child theme is doing something here. Could you please send me an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can check your child’s code?

I just clicked activate on the child theme and the http error reappeared. :frowning: It happened very quickly and I didn’t close the browser tab or navigate anywhere.

Yeah, fix it again please and look at my last post.

email sent. I always login to the file manager using the Godaddy cPanel. So I’m not sure what info you need. Let me know.

Just wanted to update this thread to let everyone know Vlad was very helpful in getting this fixed. Turned out the problem I had after upgrading the parent theme was created by a modification I made to the services widget in the child theme. It worked fine with the older version of Astrid, but was unnecessary in the upgrade.

Thanks again Vlad.