Ability to add / have more than one sidebar in theme


In previous themes that I have used, I had the ability to create a number of custom sidebars and use different ones in pages on my website, as appropriate. Sometimes I need different information in some pages on the right sidebar, than in other pages.

It appears that in the Sydney Pro theme, I only have the ability to create one sidebar (Customize >> Widgets). It also appears that I am limited to 4 footer widgets and 1 sidebar widget.

Am I missing something? Can you point me in the right place / documentation on how to add more sidebar widgets?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Vivie,

By default, Sydney doesn’t have multiple sidebar areas. However, there are some plugins which can help you to achieve such that objective. One of them is Widget Logic plugin. To display particular widget on your desired page, use is_page() conditional tag. Learn more about it on this codex page. If you find difficulties on configuring the widget’s visibility using conditional tag, I’d suggest you use this plugin instead.

I hope this reply helps.