AAA Message

Everytime I go to my website I get a dialog box that pops up that reads aaa and you have to click ok. This did not happen before… How can this problem be fixed?

You probably installed a new plugin. The theme doesn’t have any popups. Post a link, maybe I can identify the plugin or try disabling some of them yourself.

It’s the website listed in my profile. Can you check it out?

I’ve disabled the majority of the plugins and it’s still a problem.

When visiting the website in Internet Explorer a dialog box appears and reads “message from webpage” aaa and you have to click ok to get to my website.

Sorry for the delay. Weekend and stuff.

Can you confirm that you are using this plugin?

I have identified alert(‘aaa’); in your site’s source code and it appears it comes from that plugin.

Yes, I’m using Spider WordPress Video Player.

Well, disable it :slight_smile: