A tip for Sydney users ! - Slider text co-ordination

Hello All, I had this problem where the slider and the related text would not show up together. I found an easy fix to that and thought will share will you all. May be it will help !!!

When you change the Slider speed to 7000 milliseconds and keep the text slider speed at default 4000 milliseconds. It really works well and keeps the Slider and the related text together. Works for me really well as I have 5 sliders and each slider has matching text. If you want to see the demo its at advinor.com

Hello Aseem,

it’s cool that you want to share a solution with the community and sydney users. But I don’t think that this is needed. I took a look at your site and after I reloaded it sometimes or switched between some tabs, the switch between the images and texts got asynchronous again.

But I’ve got a tip for you as well: Maybe keep in mind to reduce the size of your slider images. You are using images with a width of 4000px. The maximum needed normally is 1920px width and 1080 height - it is enough. Only your image with the Mac and the keyboard is 2,5MB big. This is far too much. Safe it for the web (with a programm like Photoshop) and keep the size under 300KB. Otherwise your loading times will be so huge that maybe some visitors will leave your page. Imagine if you’re surfing with your smartphone and you have to load 3MB (only one of five images and only from the slider) while you have a speed of 56KB/sec. This will take a long time.

Best regards,

Awesome !!! That is a great advice. Thanks for looking at my web page. I had the same thoughts in my mind that how is my website going to work on cell phone. Thanks a ton for your response.