A request for future update

Hello Vlad,

I know you missed my silly questions a lot :smiley: I have a request for your Moesia Pro future update that I’m not sure whether it’s as stupid as my questions. I really like the simplicity and functionality of your Welcome page slider. Is it possible to add few more options to it in your future updates. For instance Add More Slides option or Add Slider Control option (such as Bullet, Arrow & …) or Slide Info & Link option and etc. Also Just a transparent arrow key at the bottom of the slider (linked to the home/main page) would be so helpful for those who don’t want to have a sticky Menu Bar on the top or even better than that a mobile style menu/panel/navigation over the slider at the top right or top left. This theme is an amazing theme with fantastic support so why it won’t be even more amazing.


There is really no point in adding none of those features. To be honest I would just remove it completely. I still keep it because people are using it for simple sliders. We’re already bundling Revolution Slider which does much more than the default slider can do. And it can already do all those things you mentioned.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: You made me use Rev Slider at last.