A question for employee widget

hi team

It hard to explain my question so I post a screenshot down below

And here is my link




I’ve just checked your site and the screenshot, but can you describe the question “Can I only change this text here?”



I find that I can not only change the text to other word which I Circled. It is link to the black one down below so if I change one, they both change. Just wondering if there are any way to change the text which I Circled only.


I see, I think you need to modifies the existing code. You can put the description of the items to it. Please follow the instructions here https://athemes.com/forums/topic/input-descriptions-into-employees/

Hi Awan

Thanks for the link, but I dont really understand what should I do. Is Could you please teach me the way step by step?

Also Im thinking to make those images as a link. Do you have any idea how to achieve it?